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Premature birth of a child is not something a mother and family expect to experience. However, when it does happen, it is imperative to have a support team during this journey.  The support team is critical during and after the hospital stay.
The “Premature Childbirth-Families Coping and Having Hope” is just that. Part of the support team for families who are experiencing or who have experienced the birth of a premature child. This support presentation and journey workbook that is available was created and written by Collaborating Inclusion’s founder, due to her own experience and passion of wanting to help other families in need of a support team and sounding board.
The medical team has the expertise of giving the child the best possible treatment but from an emotional aspect, no one can walk a mile in a mother and families’ shoes until they have experienced premature birth.
If you would like to learn more about this support presentation and journey workbook, please use the contact tab on this website. We would be more than happy to give more information and insight.
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