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Who Would Have Thought
Who would have thought that I would be standing here today? Not I.
But because of knowledge and understanding the gifts I share with you here today are on display.
Who would have thought?
There are many individuals today who are able to bring many valuable assets to our company and into our lives.
Who would have thought?
Tolerance and acceptance partner to open our eyes to a world that was at one time covered by darkness.
But now shines as brightly as the afternoon sun.
Difference is good, it would bring a flavor that if not given the opportunity, we would never taste.
It should be embraced by all.
As we roll our sleeves up to meet the challenge and change the world, let us do it together with confidence.
Diversity is a point of difference that brings enrichment.
Whether it be the difference between male and female, black and white or physical or mental differences, all have their merit and worth.
Let us discover together what they are and come together stronger for it.
We have a vision to see it with our mind and the heart to make it happen.
Who really would have thought?

Written by Tisha Sherdan-Korf. All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.
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