Collaborating Inclusion, LLC - Diversity & Inclusion and Patient Advocacy Consulting
We are visionary women that are passionate about diversity and inclusion initiatives such as disabilities, patient and family advocacy, and workforce inclusion and how it is all interconnected within the community locally and globally.
Our team shares their expertise, experiences, and knowledge to motivate and inspire inclusive and inviting environment to give everyone and their uniquenesses an opportunity to be heard.
Our team is experienced in Human Resource Planning and Development to help create a diversed workforce within organizations.
 We partner with organizations to build patient relationships to create an environment that a patient feels they have a voice. Understanding the patient and family’s needs and wants is a key component in creating an exceptional patient and family centered care experience. Patient Advocacy and Support presentations in partnership with hospitals are a piece of the diversity puzzle because it allows hospitals to be connected to a path to the community and provide the best health care for all no matter of the social or economic status. Collaborate and build increased awareness within the community to help families with children with special health care needs and disabilities to advocate for their children. With passion and determination for advocacy of children and people with disabilities, in which to partner with organizations to increase and sustain collaboration with parents, the community, and health care providers through collaborative team efforts, training, education, resources, and leadership.
Our team also represents generational views of diversity and inclusion and how the bridge connects to the community and workforce. Our training enhances the emphasis on disability inclusion, to ensure that a voice is given to an under-served segment of the workforce. We also provide additional coaching and motivational speaking on why it is important to be inclusive for growth within an organization and community. How one cannot be sustained without the other.
Our program department can customize and design support presentations and training to fit the needs of our clients to educate and enhance the understanding of the organization's core values and mission. Our team will provide coaching and enhancement sessions that are fun, energetic, enthusiastic, and educational.  The sessions will not feel like a bore or a chore but your inclusiveness will soar! We feel that participants will take away information that can be incorporated immediately and have continued success. 
 So now that you have read about us, connect with us to find out how your organization can benefit from the Dynamic Team of C & I! We look forward to partnering with you soon!

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